Acquisition Interests

We help companies reach their potential.

Platform Companies

We seek to invest $30 million - $150 million for a controlling position in each platform company. Ideal platforms generally have at least $10 million of EBITDA, a decent competitive position and historic profitability. We are comfortable considering companies that have recently lost their momentum or are underperforming in some way.

We are well-suited to work with companies in need of a CEO, such as corporate divestitures or family-held businesses with no successors. We also consider businesses that have a strong CEO but would benefit from the involvement of an active Chairman. 

With our vast network of executives, we can quickly get up to speed on a wide variety of industries and industry niches; however, we generally have no interest in companies involved in real estate, retail or restaurants.

Add-on Acquisitions

We generally seek add-on acquisitions of all sizes for our current portfolio companies. For contact information, refer to the seeking acquisitions section on each portfolio company profile.